This work came out of a two-month stint I did at the BFI during my MA, when I made the acquaintance of screenonline‘s editor Mark Duguid. Mark subsequently commissioned me to write various biographies and overviews of television series, the funds from which kept me in groceries during the financially lean but otherwise pleasurable PhD years. The site was aimed at Further Education students, so the tone is formal but not too high-flown. I was again writing to specified lengths depending on the importance Mark accorded each subject, and the focus had to be on Britain. Even if an actor had enjoyed a substantial Hollywood career, this would receive comparatively scant attention. It was a very good discipline, and felt a lot like my previous copywriting work: I was given a brief, and worked to it – only this time with an educational bent, rather than promotional. The website is no longer updated, sadly; entries are listed here alphabetically.


Anthony Andrews

Colin Baker

Tom Bell

Reginald Baker

Michael J. Bird

Brian Blessed

Eleanor Bron

Pierce Brosnan

Jasper Carrott

Eric Chappell

Roy Clarke

Warren Clarke

Martin Clunes

Charlotte Coleman

Stephen Courtauld

Alan Davies

Roger Delgado

Harry Enfield

Frank Finlay

Barry Foster

Hughie Green

Richard Greene

Robert Hardy

Gerald Harper

Nigel Havers

Mervyn Johns

Barry Letts

Patrick McGoohan

Alfred Molina

Christopher Morahan

Dandy Nichols

William Rose

Martin Shaw

Dinah Sheridan

John Slater

Conrad Veidt

Kevin Whately

TV Series

2Point4 Children

A Fine Romance

The Flipside of Dominick Hide


Keeping Up Appearances

Last of the Summer Wine

My Family

To the Manor Born

Waiting for God